Monday, 23 January 2012

Goth's think alike...

Haiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what? On MSP, im turning goth (but only for a little while) because I want to stop bullying and racism on MSP. I know this will never happen, because MSP arent strict enough, especially with the forums. Anywayz the reason why I went a little bit goth-like was because of a certain person on MSP...Her movie got me crying.

Seriously. MissM. Looking cute. And not goth. It seriously shocked me into being goth. You really need to watch MissM's new movie "You are who you are" if your against bullying and racism...I mean seriously, if your not against bullying and racism, and you think its ok, please get off my blog!!! Now. This is my new look, btw...

So epic. But maybe should'nt of smiled as much tho. Heard goth's dont smile much...



  1. Yu look pretty
    I love every human for who there are not there style
    ilysfm ♥

  2. heyzz i no i'm not ur friend but i'm a big fan of u

  3. Great Tho I cant Find MissMs Movie. x

  4. Can u text me how to dresss I am lost all the clothes are getting boring.. I need inspiration! I'm Abbie7789 American msp

  5. no offence but i'm a goth and i smile so goths do smile don't worry (: btw, cool look x

  6. Im an emo , and im a really big fan of yours i have just started msp today im called CutMyTears if you want to add me <3