Monday, 25 March 2013

How To Be Original On MovieStarPlanet (Girls)

Are you sick of looking the same as everyone else girls? Do you want to try something new and make it you're own? Well recently I've noticed that most of the girls on MSP these days either have faces like this:

Most of my bffs have faces like this, even I do to be fair. But I thought it would be fun to experiment in the shop with some new faces :D Most of them are VIP though, but I just did it for a laugh. I hope some of you get some ideas of you're own after reading this YAY!

Instead of having black eye shadow around you're eyes, try making them skin colour and adding either spiderleg eyelashes (like I have), or thick eyelashes. Try to have different colour lips to everyone else and experiment with colours. Choose a nose you think suits you're moviestar and remember to add blusher because that makes you're moviestar look more stunning and original and also, you don't have to keep you're eyebrows black, you could try brown or blonde, whatever suits you ;)

Most moviestars tend to have tanned skin so they 'fit in' and look like everyone else. I find it nice to vary what you look like if you can afford it. On this image I've got the Flower Face eyes which I rarely see people use, and if they do, they don't change the colours of it. On this I have greenish-brown eyes and a mix of black and brown eye shadow  I again chose the pointy nose because it suits the face a lot, I chose Cool Cat lips in a deep pink to show off the lips, this also shows you 'Can't be messed with'.

On this look I have chose yet again pale skin but this time I went for a different approach. I chose Rococo Fantasy eyes, only changing the eye colour and leaving all the eye shadow the same. Not many girls choose these eyes but I adore them because they make you different and not like everybody else. I chose Perfect Pout lips because they go well with Rococo Fantasy eyes, but this time I chose the Freckles nose, because it adds cuteness, but used with blusher it can look a mess.

If you love purple, this is the face for you, but it is VIP. Sweet Stuff eyes, Petite Nose and Perfect Pout lips all in purple make this face stunning. This face is very original and really shows that you aren't afraid to be different and unique!!!

Same face as before, in Pink. This face is ideal if you are mainly going to wear A LOT of pink and random colours ;) Very unique and stylish.

I've NEVER seen anybody with this skin colour, its a really faded Yellowy colour on VIP Skins. Same face again in Yellow/Faded colour.

This face is just adorable! Reminds me of that character of Monster High (My little sister Lucy has them aw how cute) It is rather extravagant but you must REALLY love blue to be able to put up with it to be honest.

This just reminds me of a frog pmsl but its er nice if you like that kind of thing :D Lmao.

This is more goth then anything, if you like Twilight and stuff like that you will love it, great for dressing up as a vampire and going to the mall and freaking everyone out can't say I've never done that to my friends LOL but it is actually a nice face.

If you're non-VIP and stuck on what to look like, here's some ideas for you...

Glitter Galore eyes, with the third eye shadow skin colour, the other two whatever colour you wish. Pointy nose and cool cat lips.

Girl Next Door eyes (Gotta love them) in green/aquamarine, regular nose and Cool Cat lips. If I was never able to get VIP I would probably look like this:3

I hope I have given you some ideas for next time you wish to buy a face girls, remember try and be original as you can and try not to look the same as you're friends, unless you're doing that on purpose.

Falling Hearts feature also added to the blog YAY (Thanks Zenya I LOVE YOU SO MUCH) More new things too when I learn them woo!:3



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  7. I hve the purple one now on MSP cuz I rlly love purple :))

  8. I am pale on msp and t sorta clashes with the brown hair, not i like brown hair but do you have any tips or unique hair colors?

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