Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Random stuff!!

Hola amigos!!!!!!! Well erm I got quite a bit to update about, but well, I cant be bothered to update about everything. BUT I need to show you guys some images of MSP stuff...Well cuz' I kinda need to delete them off my computer (:

Lol me and Tawni mess around a lot...Shes well just so awesome!!!!!!!!!! Me and her are like this. We always mess around and have fun, especially in Tawni's house...Which is so awesome btw you need to check out Tawni Harts's house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a beautz moment...Allie and me are like bff's tooooooooo and shes my ex-girlfriend on MSP (lol we werent really like proper girlfriends shes just my bff we arent lez or gay)

And this is me and Anny (allanyayk) Shes like totally awesome and stuff (: Lollipops and rainbows whoop whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, thats my Emily Forever x account. Add her whilst shes still VIP!!!!! My VIP on that account expires on Staurday I think...Lol Anny is like one of the coolest people on MSP, I mean, look at our beautiful sophisticated faces while having a lollipop! Not everyday you meet someone with as much style as her...

Lmao, what a cool random picture to have on your computer...


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