Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Stuff I was supposed to post ages ago...

These are just some random times from like months ago that I saved (:

Getting hit by a swing... With Stevie+Jazz copying my catwalk model pose *hehee*

This was from months ago :L Me and Lili were 'hairdressing' at the mall...

Just messing with Milly+Lili... How many girls on MSP have I kissed? Some people must think im a proper lezbo...

I dont know exactly how but today ive had almost 100 page views... And yesterday I had like 600? How and why..? Is it because I blogged about Anonymous or something.... Look:

That was on the 02/07/12

And that was today (03/07/12)

LOL am I popular or something :D



  1. That swing was when luke and Allie were argueing!! Haha... My garden xD