Friday, 24 August 2012


LOL yesterday I changed my blog a lot ;D I think it looks better now. Hehee. Im going to try get music, but I dont know how, and ive had my blog since like October D; lol so if you have any good ideas of things I can add to my blog, please tell me♥ More msp pictures coming soon<3 Comment below your ideas xxx



  1. i kno how to do tabs,music and all sorts,and i can tell u how but i just want one small favour and that can u see my blog?
    its :

  2. plz come on.....:( Btw my name isn't Rita Ray. Ignore that plz idk how it happened. um guess who i am ;)

  3. maybe try you tube like music vids!

    1. Wow, You're Really Smart :D And Also, Do U Have A Movie Star On British? Becuase I Already Know That Lucky Lily Does Have A British MSP

  4. My Idea Is: You Can Take Lots and lots of pictures of the people that you know in real life and post it on Blogger. I Have A Blogger go to my website:

  5. Yeah Try YouTube Videos And We'll Comment on our ideas :D