Saturday, 12 April 2014


So much has happened within the last year. I've lost friends, experienced heart breaks, gone through many phases and learned and experienced so much. Now I have my own laptop and have all this newly found time on my hands I'm going to try to remember to post often. I recently started going on msp again on and off and have started frequently going on imvu to create again. Oh yeah I deleted my post about that I think. The imvu I go on to create is called Magda which I kind of share with my best friend Zenya but she hasn't created anything for a few months. The imvu I go on to chill which is called Violets, you can add both if you want but if you do put in the comments here your msp and imvu name and I will try to add you on both [:

I'm just gonna use this blog to post express my interests now but will do some posts about msp too c: I'm gonna try to do a major update on the side bar pics again as well as I'm not friends/don't know some of those people anymore. I'm still surprised at the fact I still get around 100 blog views a day, when I haven't posted in 10 months, I'm glad I'm remembered [:

This is my updated ish biography which I will finish another time:

Thats some basic information about me other than I missed out one of my fave anime's because its not updated.. Anyway will write more another time bye xxx



  1. Hi Emily, you've been my idol since you added me on UK msp in 2012 :) I'm so happy that you're going to post more! :D

  2. and by the way, my UK msp is fashionmoviegirl

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  4. Hi there Emily! So much has changed for me too. I'm on level 14 (finally) and I don't go on much(mainly because I'm grounded) but even if I wenton MSP, I still miss you. I remember when we met in 'crazy cards 'and I still remember your outfit(always purple) you added me, and I was excited for us to be BFF'S!!! But I was wrong with you getting more popular, you barely answered my messages.So of course it was bound to happen: you deleting me. I miss you. If you want to RE- ADD me, It can't be Tamarinarose(have too many friends). So add me on Tamarinarose backup, and I will re-add you onto my normal acc in the future. I do not have an IMVU account. Again, I miss u, ILU! Lots of love, -Tamarinarose.

  5. UK MSP: Shockvolcano (Level 29) And IMVU: Guest_Shockvolcano
    Looooool :3 Pls Add Mee ;3

  6. We have the same birthday!! ;D
    Msp - chloe 4eva!
    Not that you'd add me xD

  7. msp is emliyflower
    level 18
    We were really good friends in 2011 when we both joined msp
    if u ever search me up make sure u spell the name

  8. Hey lilly I am...Lilly! Would you like to be friends....My user is above xx

  9. Hey lilly I am...Lilly! Would you like to be friends....My user is above xx