Saturday, 29 October 2011


Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay thanks for viewing and following my blog! Anyway, if you are a regular player on MovieStarPlanet, you know that they have changed the background on MSP. Don't worry, it's not a permanent background, its just until Halloween is over. By the way, I have just published my halloween movie, A Halloween Tale ♥ I would appreciate if you watched it and commented what you think about it!!!

Recently, I have made loads of new short movies and I would love if you watched them!

Lucky Lily ♥
P.S Have a Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I watched your movie.I hope you like mine:p
    So do read it.So checked your stats-audience?
    Do!It shows you which coutry reads your blog the most.Seee my blog!

  2. Add Mehh Lily PWEEEESSSHHH!! Itsh M@DZ MINAJ