Thursday, 27 October 2011

My 1st blog ever ♥

Well...I started a blog. Its going to be about MovieStarPlanet news, activities and everything MSP!!!!!
I love MSP. And you probably do too!!! Its all about strategy (leveling up) making friends, playing games, buying virtual clothes and accessories and making movies!!! It is the most fun website on the internet and it's also addictive too.

My biggest news today would be...I LEVELED UP!!!! Yes, I did it. I was on level 16 for a few weeks, but finally I got just over 2.700.000 fame. So that means im a level 17!!! Well anyway, I think this was a good 1st post because I had no idea what I was supposed to write. It took me ages doing the pictures!!!

Lucky Lily ♥
P.S comment!!!


  1. good for you lilly!
    I've been stuck on level 6 and I'm nearly seven p.s you have a lot of money!
    p.p.s I'm sorry about before when I was being mean to you I really wished I never did I really hope you understand this as I really would like to be proper friends again.
    p.p.p.s I can tell that you're really nice because you didn't delete me or report me- which I appreciate a lot!

    Bye at least you're first blog turned out better than mine! :D

  2. Hi!It's me!Tamarinarose!Cool blog!Your so lucky to be on level 17 I'm on level 3-I thought that was good.

  3. hi peeps luckylilly is a close friend 2 me on msp add me called heartx. ohh and how do u put pics of msp on yr blog

  4. Yuu Press Print Screen... Btw Check Out Our Blog :D ;D It's Awesomeeee... Yuu Guys Should Check It Out xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  5. Lol Duh add me on msp i'm called blue for life