Friday, 20 April 2012


OMG. I hate people like this. Trying to get Lily's attention by calling me a 'freak' and a 'cow' I would avoid this livvy gaga person. I think ive talked to her once or twice like, but, saying things like that just for my attention aint right.

Moving on...

Allie flower got sick of her face and asked me to do her a 'new' one... So me being Lily I did onee ;)



  1. That was just rude !
    livvy gaga <--- she diserv the big "DELETE" and not your attention.
    I know 4 a fact that if it was me .. i would even report her too!
    MSP rules say clear not to say anything offending to any1 ...
    I had a talk to MSP via contact and i told them that are not many ppl in msp that play by the rules ...
    When sume1 come with a such "STUPID and RUDE" excuse just to get your attention ... well no offence livvy gaga but "WTF" are u doing in a game that all should talk nice and polite to each other ?!?!
    Go play games for 12+ age if u absolute have this need to talk nasty to ppl and to be rude!