Sunday, 29 April 2012

Really annoyed.

Locked out of two accounts at once.. Wow this day really isnt going well.

Lucky Lily (English) Lock:

Lucky Lily (Turkish) Lock:

I didnt even do anything on the Turkish one. AGAIN. Allie said she was an idiot (or something like that) and I said she isnt, then, im locked. On English I really shouldnt have swore. But seriosuly. Im usually such a good girl... :(



  1. Oh no-my whole computer got locked out once!

    1. You have to really try and get round support by emailing them . Tell them stories like 'You were hacked' And stuff

  2. like lucky lily please add meh my name is el908 im a vip level 6 (nearly) ill give u autos everyday i swere with 1 click add meh oh please! ill igve u loads of fame and gifts just add meh please follow meh on which will updated 3 times evry week ( i hope ) :p please be my friend lily

  3. i know its stupid when foreign stuff does that
    they never understand!!!

  4. Jeez I got reported cause I said * gory and zombie movies rock* and again for saying * my middle name is ABBIE* it's stupid!