Thursday, 31 May 2012

Things ;D

Havent updated in a while.... Couldnt be bothered :)
Well, I would like to aware everyone on my friends list that im having a BIG friends clearout on MSP. Im sorry, but its starting to kill my computer it killed the old one :( So if you are on my friends list and we have never chatted, or if you have never rated at least 5 of my shorties, your probably going to find yourself deleted... So I suggest you do these things (and tell me)... And if your not on my friends list, and you often comment on my artbooks, and looks and movies, you might get a friend request :)

Well anyway my VIP runs out again in a few days, so I want to have this friends list clearout today and tomorrow. Sorry if your reading this and you have been deleted. If you were really that serious about being my friend, mail me :)

Btw, I made a new Youtube account the other day, my other was old. So subscribe to mee! My channel is littlemissemilaay, so if you have a Youtube account subscribe and I will probably subscribe back ;D Lets end with a pic I was supposed to upload ages ago... LOL

-Lilaaay ;D
P.S I started a blog with Allie Flower and the link is...


  1. Oh, oh I'm on your friends list

  2. me too and ur amaaaaaziiiiiiiiing xD


  3. umm hey emily i know you've said that you did wanna add me cos you have dont want want to add new friends but please do im xxblazerfardusyxx tnx! XX