Monday, 7 May 2012


<--------- This girl. She is one of the most amazing persons on MSP. I love her to death... Maybe you knew me and Allie were in a relationship. Well if you didnt now you do. We broke up a couple of days ago cuz Luke (her ex) asked me out, and I really wanted to go out with him cuz' he was my crush... So me and Allie arent gfs anymore. She said it was okay at first, but then got really upset and said she kept getting dumped. Know how you feel babe.

But now people are starting to bully her, and shes saying that shes going to quit. THAT CANT HAPPEN! I FUCKING LOVE THIS GIRL! Cant live without her! But people are BULLYING her. And calling her a 'lesbian'. Ffs this an online game, grow up.

Allie got a mail from this girl today (I went on her account and read it) AND WTF! IM NOT 16! IM 12! I DONT EVEN KNOW THIS GIRL! ALL I KNOW IS SHES PROBABLY A BITCH! I dont really understand what she wrote to Allie next about the email stuff. But then I got this mail on Lucky Lily...

WTF! Allie didnt call me a fucking bitch! She would never! We are BEST FRIENDS. Again, I LOVE HER TO DEATH! Have you seen the ARTBOOKS ive made about how much I love her? I think you better. I think 'sugarlips selina10' should grow up. Shes im-mature. AND I DONT WANT ALLIE TO GET REPORTED OR LOCKED :'( Please guys, stop being mean to Allie!


P.S help me to level 22! Since im now level 21 8)


  1. Aw poor Allie ( Yh Ill help u to level 22 :) )

  2. poor allie that women is a ****ing ***ch who said she was a lez

  3. poor allie!
    I'll help u to level 22 and after that 23

  4. I feel sorry for Allie! But that sugar lips or should I say SOUR lips is really eager for Allie to quit and you to delete her.. Oh wow she needs a hobbie I bet if she tries really hard.. She can be a hobo hobbie er.. LOL

  5. Poor Allie! That girl needs to back off!

  6. poor Allie proves you are besties if ya know her password to get onto her acc and i was lolling wen she said she knew u and u were 16 proves she hasnt even read ur bio let alone know you :D