Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New changes around the website!:')

If you come on here often by now you will have noticed all of my new changes to my blog. On the sidebars I have added some pictures of me and just a few of my friends (more pics to come soon), so you know who I'm friends/Bffs with. I have also got a brand new background for my blog (courtesy to I updated the 'About Me' description on the left sidebar, which now has a more vivid description if who I am and what I do with my spare time. On the right toolbar I added two new features to my blog, Google+ Followers and Google translate. So now you can follow me on Google+   and if you are visiting my blog from another country you can translate it (may not be an accurate translation because google translate doesn't understand everything I say, especially abbreviations such as lol, rofl etc). I now have a new banner which I used on my other blog which I have decided not to use anymore. The new banner is me doing animations in an art book on American Msp. The last major change I made was a new Xat chat box at the bottom of the page. Xat is a website used for creating chat rooms, chat boxes buying xats and says etc. I will add pics of the new changes soon, I can't current because I am writing this using my iPod. Thanks for reading and keep up the views, if you come on my Xat (at the bottom of the page) often you might catch me, but until then byeee!!!!


  1. Hey Emily it's LilCandiez from MSP (:
    I just wanted to sayyyy, I adore your blog :3
    Ur my idol<33
    ~Candiez <3

  2. Omg ur the best!!!
    Just only found ur blog 'O'

  3. Hey There, Got A Couple Of Questions About Your Blog, I Said The Stuff In Your XAT Box So, Yeah :D

  4. Honestly, I love this site & MSP but im giving me VIP accont for trades. I need a Howrse account xD