Friday, 11 November 2011

My brother ♥ And some random stuff....

Hi!!! I just randomly made this post because I want you to add someone extremely special on MSP. Thomas 64!!!! My brother!!!!!!!!!!! Lawl but anyway here is a pic of him...Tehe (by the way I say tehe a lot)!
Yeah...Thats him!!! Please watch his movies!!!! trust me, there fab! And so are you Tom!!!!! By the way thanks for putting me in your movies!!! Lol I made this blog post to show you that I think your the best brother anyone could ever have!!! Even though I annoy you...Um a lot.......................Anyway I don't know what else to write!!! This post is mainly about Thomas, but I also want to say...Help Vintage Locket get celeb! Lol that was random!!!! Lutsher une regenbogen!!!!! That means lollypops and rainbows in German by the way!!!!

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