Friday, 18 November 2011

Princess Lillie!

Well...I havent been online as much as I used to be the past few days. Want to know why? Well yesterday I made a new account and I thought to myself "Im going to make this account one of my main ones". I thought this because I have billions of accounts which I have forgotten all about. Well like I was saying I made a new account. This one is called Princess Lillie. God knows how that name was available! Anywayz this is a pic of my new account!!!
Im almost level 4 on this account so...YAY!!!! Lolz...I like saying lolz now...Not lawl. Tehe!!! Im using pink and black on this account!!!!! Anyway im probably boring you now...*Yawn* Lolz...Im still working on that secret artbook of mine...Which will have my MSP Bff's in!!! Bye for now!!!

1 comment:

  1. um hi yay first comment..i was wondering how do you get to like past level 3 so easily cuz it takes me about a few monthes and takes you a few days..So plz help me!