Wednesday, 9 November 2011

When I logged on to MovieStarPlanet today, I noticed a bit of...Comotion. I dont know why, but somebody said MSP was getting deleted!!! Or, something like that anyway. Just so you know, they could NEVER do that to us!!! Especially us people who have ever brought VIP. Earlier loads of people were freaking out about this, but it's my job to stop you guys from worrying. You shouldnt worry about this kind of stuff anyway!!! Its silly!!! Like I said in my speechbubble earlier, some saddo probably started it on the forums or their own bubble. It was obviously an attention seeker!!!! Anyway, soon im going to put up a picture on here of all my bestest friends on MovieStarPlanet. You know who you are anyway ;)

1 comment:

  1. me to mine said it was getting deleted and it was not me cause somei=one hacked on my thing and said something thats not fair and I'm on lvl 3 i don't want to start over